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Koogeek Bluetooth Wifi Smart Scale Review monitormyweight



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Koogeek Bluetooth Wifi Smart Scale

The era of the internet is here to stay with us and moving with the times is what you have to do when purchasing a weight scale. However, choosing the right scale with the best Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth is never a walk in the park.

That could be the challenge you are facing in your quest for an ideal scale. Looking around the market, you could be at sixes and sevens as there are several scales, with promising features that you can lay your hands on.

Getting the correct weight readings goes beyond just the promise, it requires practicality, and that is what the Koogeek Bluetooth Wi-Fi Smart Scale which can take in 8 individual body statistics measurements and has the capacity for recognizing 16 users and performing of baby weighing as well. The levels of accuracy are unmatched as it gets the BMI index, fat mass, lean mass, bone mass, basal metabolic rate (BMR) and the visceral fat measures, which could be hard to access on the other scales.

However, because it boasts of modernity, the ease of which the user can avail the read data on the social media with the several portals will surprise any beginner. Moreover, the programmable nature allows for wider coverage of different users, a fact which makes it ideal for commercial use.

Why Choose the Koogeek Bluetooth WI-Fi Smart Scale?

The inclusion of Koogeek free app (iOs or Android) and the connectivity on the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi mediums may attract any would be a user in the modern digital era. However, the ease of use as it syncs easily with the device it pairs with that may be the secret to its popularity.
If you are looking for a great scale with aesthetic design, this would be the right candidate as it can go for up to 16 users in spite of its good looking glass design. But save the best for last, the device boasts of being fast, durable and comes at moderate prices as well.
While the above could be general, some of the factors which are unique to the Koogeek Bluetooth WI-Fi Smart Scale include:

  • The lightweight nature of the weight scale makes its use to be customer friendly regarding moving it back and forth.
  • The scale is cost effective with the design to save on battery use, thus ideal equipment for those with little means.
  • The large capacity storage memory allows for tracking down of the user weight either periodically or daily depending on preference.

Moreover, the additional fact that the user earns badges which are points makes its use to be interesting with the rewards acting as an inducement to continued use. Because it is Internet-based, mastering a few areas of your internet service may be welcome.

Are there any Advantages of owning the Koogeek Bluetooth WI-Fi Smart Scale?

From the history of the product, it is clear that using it comes with a bag of goodies. For instance, you are likely to enjoy stress-free weight monitoring with just the scale and an internet connection around the home.

Of interest is the weight scale display which gets the statistics going the moment you switch it on, a clear indication that it boasts of efficiency. The durable, nice looking design will additionally turn any buyer on.

However, because of the display of the weight in Kilograms, most of the users feel that as a limiting factor, a fact which is disputed by others. But it is the overhyped feature on the number of weight items it can measure that may seem to be of concern, only two variables work.

As long as you have the Bluetooth connection on other devices which are not Apple devices, you are game and have the backing from us that the Koogeek Bluetooth Wi-Fi Smart Scale will perform just as promised on the company website.

There are discounts on the scale price as well, so you have to have a look at it if you are still around.

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